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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the property located?

At the intersection of Broadway, Langdon Place & Saperstein Plaza just west of the LIRR on Broadway and across the street from the Village’s parking lot #3 on Langdon Place.

It is 2 blocks from the heart of the Village and within walking distance to Atlantic Avenue, the movie theatre, and Village hall

What is its size?

The property measures over 1 acre.  It runs 90 feet along Broadway, and approximately 220 feet, along Langdon Place and Saperstein Plaza.

What is currently on the property?

The vacant and derelict Mangrove Feather Factory.  It also includes the two adjacent warehouse buildings, a vacant lot, and a house.

What are you intending to build?

A mixed-use building with approximately 210 residential rental units.  The building will be designed using materials and in a style that recognizes the importance of its location. It will be thoughtful, well-appointed, and highly amenitized.

Amenities will include an outdoor community space with gardens, a barbeque area, a water feature, a dog spa, an outdoor recreation area, and a sun deck. The building will be outfitted with a gym, chef’s table, and workspace.

It will be a full-service, secure building with 100% covered parking on site.  It is intended to include a ground-level café/coffee bar as well.

How will this building benefit the Village?

By introducing both a residential and commercial component to the downtown that will grow the tax base, add employment, (both permanent and construction jobs) stimulate economic activity, and contribute to the quality of life and housing in the Village.

Why do you think there is a need for this type of project?

Because many key constituents, including empty-nesters, millennials, and single professionals, in particular, are fleeing the Island in large measure due to the crushing tax structure.

Millennials are pressed to save and accumulate the necessary equity to enter the market while empty nesters are being squeezed out as they approach retirement and fixed income dilemmas.

These groups, and many others, would benefit from additional choices, especially housing that has a thoughtful quality and speaks to the needs of today’s lifestyles.

Why is this project a good fit within the cultural arts design district?

Because it will have a transformative effect that addresses the needs of the Village’s downtown, the code, and this specific site.

And so, to achieve that goal, we have designed a building that pays careful attention to the needs and benefits of this particular transportation-oriented project.

To do that, we will replace the existing structures with this building, which will materially improve both the pedestrian and physical landscape around the train station, on Broadway, and Langdon Place.

We would appreciate your feedback.