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The Purpose

To develop a high-quality, enduring asset that will contribute in a meaningful way to the reinvigoration of the Village downtown.

How are we going to accomplish this?


  • Honoring and respecting the Village’s history
  • Returning a significant asset to the Tax Rolls
  • Removing an eyesore while simultaneously supporting the continued renewal of the Village’s Downtown
  • Building a Responsible and Sustainable Development that will add value to the Village

What is here now?

What can the future look like?

Why now and why here?


  • Help halt millennial flight, empty nester migration, and support evolving housing needs 

  • Offer a responsive and quality mix of housing that supports the community’s lifestyle

  • Stimulate economic activity and spending in the downtown

  • Significantly improve the look and feel around the train station and give new energy to this critical neighborhood

Are you in support?

We would appreciate your feedback.

Please click the link to fill out the feedback form so we can best address concerns and suggestions. We appreciate your participation.